Popular number one ★PUZZLE PLATE★

There are more than 120 combinations!This allows you to change the impression of the same recipe with a variety of layouts.

Easy scoop up with Pivot point + Lift up line + Scoop curve.

Lift up Line can be made by sloping an angled straight line with respect to the bottom.
By stopping the spoon once at the slope, the principle of leverage works and the spoon can be lifted with little force.

The lift up line allows the force of the fulcrum to work, and by moving the spoon along the inside curve of the side, the twisting motion is facilitated, making it easier to scoop up food.


Free ideas, various arrangements, make mealtime more enjoyable.

Children’s eyes learn from the slightest change. With the puzzle-like jigsaw plates, imagination and creativity are limitless!

Make your own original plate! What is your favorite arrangement? Let’s enjoy the time of the meal!

Easy to scoop, easy to serve, easy to wash, and easy to stack. All in all, the perfect depth is this.

All agney* brand tableware is dishwasher safe, which is great for moms and dads! Just pop them in the dishwasher after eating.

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